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The Pink Ribbon Fund continues to proudly assist applicants by paying hospital and doctor bills, lab and radiology bills, pharmacy bills, insurance deductibles, diagnostic mammograms, breast prostheses and/or bras, wigs, hats, scarves, transportation assistance, physical therapy and mentoring, if requested.

The Grant Committee meets twice a month to review requests for assistance and the approvals are sent to the Finance Department of Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Init., Inc. for payment to the various providers.  The applicants must live in one of the seventeen (17) counties or receive services in one of those counties to receive assistance.  A strong process is in place to make sure the funds raised and/or donated to The Pink Ribbon Fund are used as promised to the many businesses and individuals who contribute and support The Pink Ribbon Fund.

Click on the button to download and application for breast cancer assistance:

The person identified in this application has been or is being evaluated for breast cancer.  PLEASE HAVE DOCTOR VERIFICATION.

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